Lina J is a food photographer based in Sydney. Graduating from CATC Design School with a Diploma of Photo Imaging, she started her photography career in domestic portraiture, but her passion for food naturally led her into adding food photography & styling to her portfolio.

Lina J uses her ten year background of working as a classroom teacher, as well as in various educational leadership roles, to build great rapport with her clients, to ensure their needs are met. The aim is to provide a comfortable, high quality and creative experience, resulting in a visual aesthetic that tells a beautiful story and makes the client’s product shine.

Additionally, Lina J has a client base that includes cafes, restaurants & food brands and was recently voted in Kidspot’s Voices of 2015 Food & Travel Top 3 online creatives for her Blog & Instagram The Lebanese Plate.

“I love good food. Good food that is well-presented and makes you scream out ‘YUM.’ For years I bought cook books & magazines (and secretly) I would just look at the pretty pictures with very little cooking of it’s recipes! This love has pressured me to add food photography & styling to my art form.” (Lina J)